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The usual route >from Hamburg was a one or two day trip to Hull or Grimsby or
to London on England's East coast. >from there there would be a train to
Liverpool on England's West coast. In Liverpool passengers would take a
different ship. My father took that same route in 1913.

I researched the details:
The ship left Hamburg on Feb 22 with 88 US bound passengers. It landed at
Grimsby on the 23rd or 24th. Seventy-two passengers left >from Liverpool on 6
other ships that I was able to identify.
23 Passengers left on Feb 25 for Boston, arriving Mar 6.
1 Passenger left on Feb 26 for New York, arriving Mar 6.
16 Passengers left on Mar 1 for New York, arriving Mar 12.
14 Passengers left on Mar 6 for Philadelphia, arriving Mar 20.
17 Passengers left on Mar 6 for Boston, arriving Mar 17.
1 Passenger left on Mar 19 for Philadelphia, arriving Apr 1.

As you can see, some immigrants had to wait for their ship to come in to
Liverpool, for others the ship was in port already.

I found J. Persky arriving Boston aboard the Kansas as you said, April
18th, 1889.

David Rosen
Boston, MA

On 2/3/2015 10:52 AM, Allan S Karan wrote:

I found Joseph PERSKY age 24 sailing >from Hamburg on 30 March 1889 papers
noting that he is going to America via Liverpool on the SS Sprite and then
on 18 April 1889 Joseph PERSKY arrives in America on the SS Kansas. Since it
is about a 8 day sailing, I assume he left Liverpool on or about the 10 of
April 1889.

Question: When the sailing papers show sailing >from Hamburg to the US via
Liverpool, would they change ships or stay on the same ship?

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