Sephardi Migration into Russia #general

David Goldman

Greetings all. I am curious about the known history of migration of Spanish
Jewish exiles into Russia. On two ends of the spectrum by way of example we
see originating in Gerona, Catalonia, the name GIRONDI - Rabbi Moshe ben
Nachman Girondi, better known as Nachmanides in the 14th century, Rabbi
Yonah Girondi of Gerona, AND by contrast the chassidic teacher Rabbi Aryeh
Leib Girondi famously known >from the 18th into the 19th century as the
Shpola Zeyda of Podolia.

I guess we would infer that such Jews who ended up in Italy or even the
Balkans moved eastward into Poland and Russia for reasons of commerce
between the 16th and 18th centuries and became assimilated among the

Where might there be literature (in English or Hebrew) discussing this
migration and its extent during that period?

David Goldman

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