Re: 2nd entry to the US? The mystery of Gdal/Gdalye KAMINKER/KAMINSKY #general


The 2nd page of the SS Carmania 1923 ship arrival for KAMINSKY, column
18 "Whether ever before in United States" is answered NO.
On that basis I would conclude you are looking at two different people.

David Rosen
Boston, MA

On 2/4/2015 2:11 AM, Yohanan Loeffler wrote:
I'll start with my bottom-line question: If a person re-entered USA from
Europe in 1923 after first entry in 1913 - would he still be in an Alien list;
would he have to declare it in his entry;
Will there be a hint for the first entry in the second Manifest list? Or,
would he be able to enter USA as if he had never been there before?

Gdal KAMINKER entered USA at St Albans, Vermont via Canada on 4 October 1913.
Since then he disappeared, just vanished, not in any census or any of the
online websites.

We assumed that he either died shortly after arriving or changed his name.
Recently I found via that a Gdalye KAMINSKY came to USA from
Liverpool via Boston 10 years later, on 1st of November 1923, with his wife
Reva and 3 children, born 1908, 1909 and 1920.

Both 1913 and 1923 Manifests were of Alien Passengers for the USA.

I am checking the option that the above Gdal and Gdalye - are the same person,
and that Gdal KAMINKER left USA back to Europe soon after arriving in 1913
and returned 10 years later.

What support it is:
1) Both Gdal and Gdalye were born in Russia in 1884 and both were on the
way to their brother in law.
2) Both names are rare names.
3). The person that I am trying to find had 2 brothers in Russia, both
changed their name >from KAMINKER to KAMINSKI/KAMINSKY while moving from
Russia to Poland in about 1910-1915.
4) What also fits in this theory is the age of the children, two of them
born before 1913 and one much later, in 1920.
5) Also to mention that in the 1913 Manifest Gdal closest relative was his
wife left in Europe, though her name was different - Doiche, while the wife
in 1923 was Reva.

I wonder what your thoughts are about the above.

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