Which town of Dobra could it be? #general

Rowena Zylali

Which Town of Dobra could it be?

On my 2x great grandmother?s Lena COHN EHRLICH LIEBERMAN's death certificate,
the place name of DUBRA is written as her place of birth. Every record says
she arrived in the U.S. in 1880, and the only two possible passenger
lists, have Germany / Bausle, Germany as originating town, which may be her
husband's Chiam>Herman LIEBERMAN (if they are theirs at all).

On the records that I can find for her, "Russia-Pol" is listed as her birthplace.
These include her children's birth records in the late 1880s and early 1890s.
In addition, The 1915 NY State Census lists Germany, the 1920 Federal Census
lists Hungary,Russia, Russia-Pol (for her mother, father, and herself), 1925
Russia, 1930 Germany, and when she dies in 1933, it is Russia again. Based on
the emigration date of 1880, and all
the border changes, which Dobra do you think it most likely is?

Thank you,

Rowena Zylali
Brookfield, Connecticut, USA

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