Re: Eroded grave inscriptions - ***Warning***! #general

Barbara Zimmer


Please ***do not*** use shaving cream (or other cleansers) on headstones!
Even if the immediate result is a wonderfully contrasted carving, there
can be major long-term effects. The acids in the shaving cream can
erode the headstone. And even if there are no acids mentioned in the
ingredients, "the reactions of the non-acidic chemicals in the shaving
cream turn slightly acidic once the cream is applied.

Read more about it here
[or --Mod.]

Rubbing, chalking, using powder or flour are also *not* recommended.

Here are some safer ways to obtain a clearer inscription:

Water, mirrors, snow, and aluminum foil (taped only on the foil, with no
tape touching the stone)

Barbara Zimmer
Norfolk Virginia

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