Descendants of R'Arieh Leib ben (son of) R' Shmuel of Kremnitz-18th cent #general

Yonatan Ben-Ari

My lineage goes back to the Mahara"l and the Maharsha"l through Reb.
Naftali KATZ, the author of the "Smichas Chachomim".

Several biographical sources show KATZ's descendants down to the above
father and sons who were Rabbis of Kremenetz during the latter part of
the 17th and early years of the 18th centuries. The only published
line that I've come across after the above Arieh Leib ben Shmuel is a
son Shmuel of Rava Ruska.

According to private, unpublished trees we are probaly descendants of
a daughter who married a Rabbi Yoseph who may have been a Rabbi in the
town/city called Breznitz (probably not the one in Czheck). This
Joseph had a son who married the daughter of Aharon and Pearl ,the
admo"r of Lechowitz and another son, R'Yisrael of Ostrow, who seems to
be my ancestor. There are two Yisrael of Ostrows mentioned in the book
, "Mazkeret Legdolei Ostrov" but we are not sure to which we may be
related and in both the lineage to Kremenetz, KATZ or the MAHARA"L are
not mentioned.

I would be happy to hear >from anyone who knows of other children of
the above R' Arieh Leib of Kremenetz to see how we may connect.

TIA and Shavua tov.

Yoni Ben-Ari, Jerusalem

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