Records of Vilna Jewish Community 1785 #general

Ben Forman

Hi Genners

In Gershon David Hundert's book:

Jews in Poland-Lithuania in the Eighteenth Century

There is significant section, beginning on page 112, on a dispute in
Vilna in the mid 1780s. Over several pages the rivalry between the
rabbi Shmu'el ben Avigdor, the kahal and the extended community
council is recounted, he notes several documents with footnotes
including a petition with 110 signatures.

There are many documents referenced related to the dispute, and names
mentioned and I thought that perhaps it might be possible for those
with ancestors who were part of this community to follow the footnotes
to copies of the original documents containing signatories names and

Best of luck !

Ben Forman
Manchester UK,(currently exiled in London)

searching: BENSON: Hasenpoth/Courland;
CAHN/CAHEN/WOLF: Zuendorf/Bruhl/Lechenich/Ahrweiler;
FURMAN: Kaluszyn; GEVER: Daugavpils/Dvinsk;
STILLMAN:Pilica/Ogrodzienec SAWADY: Zavadi,Posen;

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