Re: Eroded grave inscriptions #general

Todd Edelman <edelman@...>


I found the contact information and some web links for the guide I
mention who can read Hebrew in tombstones with her hands.

Since this would be a commercial announcement if I posted more here,
please just write me privately if you would like her contact info, etc.

Todd Edelman (near Los Angeles)

Currently & Newly-researching:
GLATTSTEIN in Siroke, Hrabkov, Liptovsky Mikulas and Spisska Nova Ves
and other areas of central-eastern Slovakia
EDELMAN & FRIEDMAN in Bodrogkeresztur, Spisska Podhradie, Tisza-Dob and
KLEIN in Puspokladany, Debrecen and Biharnagybajom
BERNAT in Klarafalva

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