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Hi Carol:

If the father's name is not on the original birth certificate and the birth
mother will not or cannot provide it, there is a possible alternative -
genetic testing.....The results of a $99 Family Finder test >from Family Tree
DNA could shed some light on the answer.

The Jewish Genealogy Society of Greater Washington is sponsoring a lecture
by Judy Russell (AKA The Legal Genealogist) on March 15. I have personally
attended a previous rendition of this lecture and I think that it would be
valuable for the person involved or you to attend this lecture. The lecture
was supposed to take place this weekend, but due to inclement weather, it
was postponed until March 15. Location to be advised.

Marlene Bishow
The Jewish Genealogy Society of Greater Washington

On Mon, 2 Mar 2015, Carol Rombro Rider wrote:
Is there any new information available that can help someone research their
adoption records?

This person was born in New York City in 1950. She located her birth mother
who gave no information regarding the father. This individual would like to
locate her father's family.

Or is this still something that cannot be accomplished?

MODERATOR NOTE: Judy Russell is the prolific blogger whose posts may be read at
She usually writes about DNA topics on her Sunday posts.
Autosomal DNA tests (what Family Tree DNA calls "Family Finder) may also be
purchased via 23 and Me and Ancestry.
JewishGen also sponsors a DNA Testing online discussion forum:

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