Re: Smarkov Gmina Durachev #general

Alexander Sharon

Isabel Cymerman wrote:

In some vital records >from Konsk, Poland, I came across a "village" called
Smarkov Gmina Durachev (or Duragev). Google gave no info. Can anyone
tell me what is was and where it was?

Both villages, Smarkow (accented 'o') at 5112 2033 and Duraczow (accented 'o')
at 5106 2032 are located within the short distance >from Konskie (Konsk) in
Kielce Prlaovince.

Villages have been properties of count Julian Tarnowski with large industrial
basis: a brickyard, paint manufacturing plant "Polfarb" and the iron ore mine

I could identify only one Jewish own business: R. Ginzberg, owner of the food


Alexander Sharon
Calgary, AB

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