JGSGW March 2015 Meeting Announcement #general

Robin Meltzer

**JGSGW March 8, 2015 Meeting Announcement**

The Jewish Genealogy Society of Greater Washington will host its March 2015
meeting on Sunday, March 8, 2015 at 1:00 pm at B'nai Israel, Fanaroff Hall
6301 Montrose Road, Rockville, MD 20852 Directions available on the JGSGW

Program: >from the Spanish Inquisition to the Present: A Search for Jewish Roots
Presenter: Genie Milgrom

Genie Milgrom will share the details of her journey back in time as she
searched for her Crypto-Jewish ancestors. She was able to trace an unbroken
lineage of 15 grandmothers going back to the early 1500s in Fermoselle, in
the province of Zamora in Spain. She was also able to prove that her family
were Converso Jews >from before the Spanish Inquisition.

Genie Milgrom was born in Havana, Cuba into a Roman Catholic family of
Spanish ancestry. She was always interested in her family genealogy but when
she learned of the possibility of having Converso Jewish Roots, her search
for the truth about her family?s past took on a deeper significance. In an
unparalleled work of genealogy, she was able to fully document her unbroken
maternal lineage going back as far as 1480 to pre-inquisition Spain and
Portugal. She has travelled extensively into Fermoselle, the village of her
ancestors in the Zamora region of Spain while doing field research on the
past Jews of Fermoselle. She is currently the President of the Jewish
Genealogical Society of Greater Miami, President of Tarbut Sefarad-Fermoselle
in Spain, and President of the Society of Crypto Judaic Studies at Colorado
State University in Colorado Springs. She is the author of the book My 15
Grandmothers as well as How I found My 15 Grandmothers, A Step By Step Guide.
She also writes for several on line sites including www.esefarad.com as well
as the Journal of Spanish, Portuguese and Italian Crypto Jewry.

Her work has been showcased in the Jerusalem Post, The Miami Herald and
publications around the world. She was awarded the State of Florida Genealogy
award for her outstanding achievements and advances in the pioneering work she
has done in Genealogy.

JGSGW Guest Attendance Policy: As of January 1, 2014, a non-member may
attend the monthly JGSGW meeting as a Guest for a $5.00 fee payable at the
sign-in table. The $5.00 Guest fee may be applied toward payment of annual
JGSGW membership dues if dues are paid at the same meeting at which the
guest fee was paid. JGSGW members requiring personal assistance at a
meeting due to a health condition or disability may bring someone to assist
them free of charge.

Robin Meltzer
VP Communications, JGSGW

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