Traveling alone in Poland at 15 year old / Zakopane ski resort #general

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Dear all,

Mieczyslaw RYSZFELD (>from Warszaw) is listed as a visitor (guest) of the
Polish ski resort of Zakopane in 1929 (link: ).

The scarcity of the Ryszfeld family name (only in Warszaw with this
spelling) as well as the first name being very unusual among the Warszaw
branch lead me to think it may be the same person as Mecislas Ryszfeld, a
21y old student of weaving in 1935 in western France (Mulhouse). The latter
is listed in the school archives as being born in 1914.

Were they the same persons, Mieczyslaw Ryszfeld would have been 15 or 15 and
a half year old...

Would such a teenager travel alone on "holiday" to a ski resort 500km away
from Warszaw in the early 20th c. ?
Would it be a possible way to France through (current) Slovaquia Austria
etc... ? Actually, looking at a map, this way leads directly to the above
French border city of Mulhouse. But then winter is probably not the best of

Was it usual procedure at that time for a winter resort's journal to list
supposedly unknown visitors as well as their place of residence in the
resort? Zakopane seems to have been quite in fashion as a train access dates
back to 1899, and 1st ski-jump 1925.

Thank you for your ideas.

As a side theme, I own the 1935 class photo >from the Mulhouse weaving
school, but then all members on the picture able to recognize Mecislas would
be above 100yr old today...

Marc Ryszfeld
Paris, France
Searching RYSZFELD. CHAYETTE. DON (Vilno). STOCZYK (Warszaw)

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