JGS of Maryland March 22 program #general

Susan Steeble

Jewish Genealogy Society of Maryland

Speaker: Ken Bravo
Title: "Why the New York Times Is Wrong -- Using Basic Genealogical
Tools to Show That Your Family Name Was Not Changed at Ellis Island"
Date and Time: Sunday, March 22, 2015, 1:30 p.m.
Location: Pikesville Library (meeting room)

Please join us for our next program: "Why The New York Times Is Wrong
-- Using Basic Genealogical Tools to Show That Your Family Name Was Not
Changed at Ellis Island." Our guest speaker, Ken Bravo, will discuss
the research he did after reading a 2009 New York Times obituary
asserting that the deceased's father's name was changed at Ellis
Island. Ken emailed the Times, pointing out that names were not
changed at Ellis Island. He followed up with additional correspondence
and, finally, did research to discover the original name of the family
on their immigration documents. He shared that research with the
Times. Bottom line: the Times never did correct the error.

Ken then decided to search the digitized New York Times for other
examples of similar reporting. That research quickly revealed four
similar obituaries plus a letter to the editor in which the writer
claimed that her grandfather's name had been changed at Ellis Island.
He researched each of the obituaries and the letter to the editor and
was able to show that none of the names were changed at the
immigration facility. His talk will detail his exchanges with the
Times and how he did the research. Ken's findings can be applied to
our own research and reporting of our family histories.

Ken Bravo is the Vice President of the International Association of
Jewish Genealogical Societies (IAJGS) and a Past President of the
Jewish Genealogy Society of Cleveland. He also served as a co-chair of
the 2014 IAJGS International Conference in Salt Lake City. He has been
researching his own roots and those of his family since the mid-1970s
and is a frequent lecturer on a variety of genealogy subjects. He is a
member of the Association of Professional Genealogists and has his own
business, The Nuts & Bolts of Jewish Genealogy, to assist others in
finding their family histories.

The program is free for paid members and $5 for non-members (applied
to membership fee when a visitor joins JGSMD) after their first
meeting. Refreshments will be available. Please check our web site at
www.jgsmd.org for late updates and for the time, location, and program
of future meetings.

Susan Steeble
JGSMD Public Relations

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