Re: Traveling alone in Poland at 15 year old / Zakopane ski resort #general


Probably. Our ancestors weren't as well "informed" about the dangers
of the wide world, and therefore seem to have enjoyed a degree of

In my own immediate family, I flew >from alone >from London to Geneva
at the age of (almost) 17, with no one at the other end to meet me,
and no other arrangements. (Granted, that was much later in the 20th
century.) My late father-in-law travelled to the Congo, in Africa,
at an even younger age (family lore says it was just after his bar
mitzvah). And one of my late father's childhood stories was that he
and his cousin, both about 8 or 9 years old, took a horse-drawn wagon
of watermelons to the fair, alone, sold them, and then drove the
horse and wagon home at the end of the day. (Horses being an early
prototype of the self-driving car.)

Somehow, children in those days were given greater freedom and
responsibility, and parents managed to survive without cell phones or
constant contact. It might make an interesting statistical study to
look up records of, say, 15-year-olds arriving at Ellis Island, where
we have lots of data to work with, and try to figure out how many of
them arrived unaccompanied by their immediate family.

....... tom klein, toronto

"Marc" <marcrys@...> wrote:

Would such a teenager travel alone on "holiday" to a ski resort 500km away
from Warszaw in the early 20th c. ?

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