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Ury Link

Dear Genners,
Deborah Blankenberg have asked:
[The JewishGen InfoFile on "Reading Hebrew Tombstones" says: "At the top of most
Jewish tombstones is the abbreviation [pe-apostrophe-nun], which stands for po
nikbar or po nitman, meaning 'here lies'." On a number of the stones I've found in
German Jewish cemeteries,the abbreviation is slightly different: pe-apostrophe-tet.
Can anyone tell me what pe-apostrophe-tet means? I assume it's some variation of
"here lies."

P"T (Pe-Tet) on a gravestone mean Po Tamun or Po Temuna and the meaning is the same
as P"N (Pe-Nun) Here lies or here is buried. Some people think that it was a
costume in Germany and some other countries to write P"N for a man and P"T for a
women, but in a lot of cemetery we see that it was use also for man and women.
Another inscription is also P"Z (Pe-Zadik) Po Zafun and it mean Here is hidden or
here is buried. Also sometimes we see the inscription P"S (Pe-Shien) Po Shafun or
Po Shfuna , the meaning is the same, Here is buried or here is hidden.

Best regards
Ury Link

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