Labor camp from Hildesheim #general


Hi everyone

There is a mystery I would like to clarify. If anyone can help me I would be
very grateful to him (her).

My uncle Richard Sonnenfeld is indicated as dead during the Holocaust. He is on the
same list of people deported >from Vienna (with his parents, sisters and brother).

The problem is that he never arrived to Lodz with them !

During a trip to Vienna, a few years ago, the person I met at Dow told
me he was probably killed during transport. Impossibility to learn where and how.

The problem is that I found a photo he sent to my mother, probably in late 1930,
early 1940. If anyone can translate for me what he wrote,thank you in advance!

I just noticed on this photo the name of a town : Hildesheim.

After an internet search, I read that there was indeed a concentration
camp there ... but in 1945?

So, my question is: how Richard could be at the end of 1930, early 1940 in a
forced labor camp and also be on the same list people deported >from Vienna,
October 19, 1941 ?

Does it possible he was released >from the labor camp a short time ?

On this other photo he wrote nothing. Does it possible it is also Hildesheim ?

Please for the photos, respond via the form provided in the ViewMate application.

Many thanks for any help.

Elisabeth Stamminger-Sonnenfeld

from France

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