Religious Life in the Riga Ghetto #general

Arlene Beare

Karl Schneider, deported >from Euskirchen to the Riga Ghetto, was the only survivor
of his family. His wife, Frieda, nie Heumann, and his two boys, Erwin and Harry,
were murdered in Riga. After Karl's death in 1961 his second wife Gerda, nie
Kallmann, found his memoir, "Religivses Leben im Ghetto von Riga" with his own
English translation "Religious Life in the Riga Ghetto"

I have loaded the 12 pages of his testimony on to my Rigapage.

Arlene Beare
Researching Dorfman (born Birzai Lithuania and then lived in Riga) Scher
/Blum(born Pandelys Lithuania and then lived in Riga)
Berman (born Lygumai Lithuania and then lived in Jekabpils Latvia)
Samuels Poland Krakow and /or Zychlin

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