Galician records: what is "Galicia Schematism" #general

Yaron Pedhazur

Dear fellow researchers,

I have found through the items under the title
"Galicia Schematism". Below you can see a "copy&pasted" example:

1876 Galicia Schematism, image 193 {d817}
Source: Malopolska Genealogical Society
Kalich Szyja, Ustrzyki doi. Moryles Naftali. Lutowiska.
liabi Mendel, Balogrod. Lwow. Rabin. Orenstein Hirsch, Lwow. Kaznodzieja.
Lowenstein Bernard, Lwow. Podrabin. Blumenfeld Wolf, Lwow. Szkoluik.
Gerster Samuel. Jaryczowj nowy. Schmelner Aron, Nawarja....

Can anyone tell me what are these lists all about?
At least for a few I am quite certain it is a list of communities rabbis,
but even if so, further details would be appreciated.

Thank you very much,

Yaron Pedhazur
Tel Aviv, Israel

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