Moshe and Paula, from Orla Poland #general

Eli Rabinowitz

Hi All

There have been further recent developments in my research on Moshe and
Paula, >from Orla, Poland.

The narrative begins in Orla and ends suddenly in South Africa.

However, my research starts 80 years later in Australia and takes me to
Poland, Belarus, the Baltics, Israel, the UK, Germany, South Africa and
North America.

Then the story continues in an unexpected way.

I share my experiences about the challenges of travelling and
researching in different archives and libraries. Top of the list was
going to Belarus and the State Archives in Grodno. plays a pivotal role in the development and success of my

This led me to start writing and managing KehilaLinks as a volunteer,
beginning with the Orla KehilaLink and now extending to cities as
diverse as Shanghai, Berlin, Kimberley and Perth, 25 in all.

Updates can be found at with regular posts on Moshe and
Paula's Facebook page:
and the Orla KehilaLink:

Regards and Chag Pesach Sameach.

Eli Rabinowitz
Perth, Australia

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