From Austria to Venezuela #general

Patrick Atlas <patrick.atlas@...>

My great-uncle, Edward Atlas, born in Lemberg, Galicia, in 1891, was
living in Vienna, Austria >from 1892 to 1939, with his family.
He underwent the JudenAktion in 1938 and was interned in Dachau then
Buchenwald, like thousand of Jewish people. He was released in 1939.
He fled to Venezuela, probably around 1939-1940, with his wife
Charlotte Atlas (a 1st cousin).
I have found that Charlotte was a passenger of the famous ship
MS-Louis, she came back in the Netherlands.
I have found a ship travel for Charlotte, >from Rotterdam to Caracas,
departure May 9, 1940.
Then they were living in Caracas, Venezuela, possibly >from 1940 to at
least 1951, when they emigrated to Denver, USA.
He was a furrier.

My questions are:

-how can I find a manifest of passengers of the travel >from Rotterdam
to Caracas?
-how can I get information about their stay in Venezuela?

Thanks for any information.

Patrick Atlas
Paris, France

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