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Rose Feldman <rosef@...>

Shalom Eric,

There are two main repositories for immigration to Palestine. The Central
Zionist Archives [CZA]and the Israel State Archives. The Israel Genealogy
Research Association [IGRA] in working with the CZA on some of the immigration
lists to build databases which will be part of the IGRA collection. The State
Archives have scanned some of the lists through 1933, but they are not indexed
so you have to go thru page by page.

I suggest you follow the IGRA website or facebook for notices of new
databases being added.

Rose Feldman
Israel Genealogy Research Association

Keep up to date on archives, databases and genealogy in general and
Jewish and Israeli roots in particular with

From: Eric Ellman <eellman@...>
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 2015 13:28:04 +0000 (UTC)

I am trying to locate information on several family members during their
time in Mandate Palestine. These family members left >from Minkovitz, Ukraine
around 1918-1920 to Jaffa, Palestine. In 1923 one family member left from
Jaffa to the U.S. and in 1925 three others followed suit.

Might there be any records of their immigration in to Palestine >from Minkovitz?
Might there be any records about their stay in Jaffa? Might there be passport
or visa information related to their departure >from Jaffa to the U.S.

I seek Fishel Dick, born in 1906, who left Jaffa on the S.S. Madonna on
Oct. 2, 1923 arriving Providence, RI and then to Brooklyn. I also seek Rachel
Dick, born c. 1877 who departed Jaffa on the S.S. Canada on Nov. 11, 1925
arriving Providence and then to Brooklyn. Rachel had two children with her,
Zusel (b. 1910) and Asron (b. 1912).

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