Re: Dorosic Forced Laborers #general


For what it's worth, my father was also a forced labourer at the same
time and place, and barely escaped being killed there. His unit was
there, and they were told that they were setting up a field hospital,
in a barn, for those who were too sick to continue marching. My father
was sick, but he said that there were others who were in worse condition,
and he could still go on. The massacre was carried out that night.

Do you know much about your father's experiences during the war?

tom klein, Toronto

paulnuss@... wrote:
My name is Paul Scott Nussbaum
My Jewish Gen ID# is 479670
My Father, Nuszbaum, Imre was a survivor of the massacre in the barn at
Dorosic. He had typhus and crawled out in delirium some time after
the shooting was over and woke up some time later

I have tried to see the list of the Dorosic Laborers and have not been
successful. I just want to see the list

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