Re: Jews' Free School Spitalfields #general

Michael Good

Dear Ms. Messik,

Thank you for you wonderful work on this database. I have found two of my
BLOOM grand uncles there. One had an address in London that I had not seen
for the family before. It also has the latest date yet showing the family
still living in London before they moved back to Poland.

Best regards,

Michael Good
Los Altos, California

From: Louise Messik <>

For the past twelve months I have been transcribing the entry registers
of the Jews' Free School, Spitalfields. The permission for this project
was granted most enthusiastically both by the school and the London
Metropolitan Archives who house the JFS archive.

20,000 records have been added to the database search

These records are entries >from c.1856 to c.1907 and contain name of
both pupil and parent or guardian, address, date of entry, previous
school (where noted), date of birth, date of leaving and reason for
leaving school. There is an accompanying page to be found at

I do hope that many researchers will benefit >from my project.

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