Newly Uploaded Records to the JewishGen Belarus Database #belarus

Paul Zoglin

At the 2017 IAJGS conference in Orlando the JewishGen Belarus SIG was pleased
to announce the uploading of approximately 29,000 records to the JewishGen
Belarus Database:

Bobruysk, births, 1882-1885 (920 records)
David Gorodok, births, deaths, marriages, 1874-1892 (1581 records)
Delyatichi, revision lists, 1858 (127 records)
Dvorets, list of men, 1853, 1858 (209 records)
Dyatlovo, list of men, 1853, 1858 (945 records)
Golynka, list of men, 1853, 1858 (170 records)
Gomel', births, 1853, 1895-1899 (3217 records)
Kobrin, lists of families who moved to Kobrin, 1891 (1307 records)
Korelichi, revision lists, 1858 (501 records)
Kossovo, list of men, 1853, 1858 (878 records)
Kroshin, revision lists, 1858 (148 records)
Lyakhovichi. Grand Duchy census and revision lists, 1784, 1858-1890 (6050 records)
Mogilev, revision lists, 1858 (7239 records)
Mogilev, marriages 1837, 1838, 1847, 1852, 1855, 1858, 1868 (442 records)
Molchad, list of men, 1853, 1858 (205 records)
Mysh Nova, revision lists, 1858 (523 records)
Negnevichi, revision lists, 1858 (153 records)
Ostroshitskiy Gorodok, revision lists, 1858 (407 records)
Ozernitsa, list of men, 1853, 1858 (162 records)
Pinsk, births, 1897 (666 records)
Polonka, revision list, 1858 (181 records)
Ruzhany, list of men, 1853, 1858 (1131 records)
Samokhvalovichi, revision lists, 1858, (383 records)
Snov, revision lists, 1858 (125 records)
Stolovichi, revision lists, 1858 (333 records)
Tsirin, revision lists, 1858 (169 records)
Vetka, births, 1912-1918 (517 records)
Vselyub, revision lists, 1858, (265 records)
Yeremichi, revision lists, 1858 (105 records)

These records are now searchable using the JewishGen Belarus Database
search engine:

Special thanks to Igor Apelsinov, Mikhail Bakhrakh, Boris Bayevsky, Arkady Brazin,
Vitaly Charny, Rimma Dechter, Tatyana Factorovich, Maria Farber, Val Ginzburg,
Zhanna Glazenburg, Vladimir Golynya, Baruch Gorkin, Natasha Grinberg,
Ronnie Harpaz, Joshua Kaufman, Misha Korman, Greg Mirsky, Gary Palgon,
Frank Proschan, Alexander Rubtsov, Zeev Sharon, Victor Shifrin, Jane Sverzhinsky,
Svetlana Tokareva, Lara Tsinman, Dena Whitman, Irina Zabelyshinsky,
Ludmila Zapletnyuk and Elena Zborovskaya for their help with these and other
ongoing translation projects.

In addition, records >from the following towns have been translated but not yet
uploaded to the database:

Berezino, Igumen district
Bobruysk, Bobruysk district
Borisov, Borisov district
Delyatichi, Novogrudok district
Dukora, Igumen district
Igumen, Igumen district
Kholuy, Igumen district
Khotimsk, Klimovichi district
Klichev, Igumen district
Klimovichi, Klimovichi district
Kostyukovichi, Klimovichi district
Lapichi, Igumen district
Lida, Lida district
Losha, Igumen district
Lyuban', Bobruysk district
Lyubcha, Novogrudok district
Mir, Novogrudok district
Mogil'no, Igumen district
Novogrudok, Novogrudok district
Orlya, Lida district
Oshmiany, Oshmiany district
Ozarichi, Bobruysk district
Parichi, Bobruysk district
Pogost, Igumen district
Pukhovichi, Igumen district
Radun, Lida district
Shatsk, Igumen district
Shchedrin, Bobruysk district
Shchuchin, Lida district
Shumyachi, Klimovichi district
Smilovichi, Igumen district
Svisloch, Bobruysk district
Turets, Novogrudok district
Uzda, Igumen district
Uzlyany, Igumen district

Contact the District Coordinator of these towns for a detailed list of available
records, links to the list of surnames appearing in these records and links to
the donation page:

Bobruysk district: Debra Wolraich,
Borisov district: Larry Fagan,
Igumen district: Carola Murray-Seegert,
Klimovichi district: Steve Zivin,
Lida district (a Litvak SIG DRG): Judy Baston,
Novogrudok district: Robinn Magid,
Oshmyany district (a Litvak SIG DRG): Judy Baston,

Donors of $100 to the appropriate district fund will receive spreadsheets of the
translated records that have not been uploaded to the database.

Researchers are typically notified of newly translated records via the JewishGen
Family Finder (JGFF) so make sure you are registered in the JGFF for your town(s)
of interest.

Thanks also to all our District Coordinators: Diane Baer, Judy Baston,
Jenni Buch, Steve Cohen, Larry Fagan, Dave Fox, Leslie Gut, Gayle Justman,
Robinn Magid, Rhoda Miller, Philip Minkin, Carola Murray-Seegert,
Steven Rosenberg, Ralph Salinger, Debra Wolraich, Jim Yarin, Steve Zivin,
as well as Warren Blatt, Avraham Groll, Rebecca Schaeffer and Michael Tobias at
JewishGen. And thanks to all the researchers who support the Belarus SIG via
their donations. We couldn't have done this work without you.

The Belarus SIG Team:
Dave Feldman, co-Coordinator
Sharon Fingold, co-Coordinator
Ruth Silver, Data Acquisitions Coordinator
Paul Zoglin, Database Coordinator
Nancy Holden, Help Desk Coordinator
Alan Raskin, Webmaster

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