Recently discovered my great great grandmother's maiden name - GREENSPAN #general

sharon yampell

I was searching for a death certificate for my great grandmother's brother
and when I finally found it, is showed that his mother's maiden name was

I know my family came >from either in or around Borzna. My question is, what
other towns were near Borzna so I can begin to research my GREENSPAN family
and add a new branch to my tree?

Rebecca GREENSPAN married my great grandfather Louis ALEXANDROVITZ (Anglicized
to ALEXANDER); she was born in about 1865 and he was born in about 1864. Both
did come to America.

Alexandrowitz....(Volovitch) Wolovitz/Wolovitz-...Greenspan....- In and around
Borzna Chernigov;
Distelfeld/Distenfeld....Lessing/Lessig...Holzman...Kleinberger---Dorna Vatra,
Campulung, Gura Humora, Romania;
Povolotzky---Kiev; Buchalter/Horwitz---Kinev

Sharon Yampell

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