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Joel weiner

I have posted four images, each a page of handwritten Yiddish. The are >from a
letter that was sent >from Poland in 1921 by Zelda Glot DUKESKY to my
grandmother's cousin, Max GLOTH. His brother, Louis, used the letter to
justify his application for a U.S. Passport so that he could go back to Poland.
I would like someone to extract any information regarding family members,
there relationship, where they lived, etc. I believe that "Louis," who was
applying for the passport, was referred to as "Joel" by the court-appointed
translator. While in Poland, apparently Louis married "Helen," who was Zelda's
sister. This may have been the only way he was allowed to bring her back to the

The translator's translation says,
"Dear Uncle Max and Aunt Rose,
I was very happy to receive the 500000 Polish Marks and then your
letter. It is impossible to describe our terrible condition. There are
many orphans left, but I think that sister and I are worse off than
the rest. Thank God for our relatives that I can stay with them. It is
very nice of them to keep me, but they are very poor. There is a young
man who wants to marry me, and sister could stay with me, but I need a
little money for expense. We have nothing left of our belongings, not
even a towel, as the Kezaks took everything we possessed. You can
imagine how happy I was when I received the money which Joel sent to
me. My only hope is to get some relief >from you.

Dear Uncle Joel,
I will never forget you as long as I live, and would ask you to send
$100. If I would have my parents alive, I wouldn't have to write such
a letter. I beg you Joel to write to me often. Why don't you want to
correspond with your niece? You don't have to be ashamed of me. I am
poor, but what can I do? We lost our father so young, who could help
us in such a terrible time.
Trusting that you are all enjoying the best of health, >from me, Zelde."


The links to the four images are:

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help with this. If you tell me
that you can only do one page, I will then remove that page from
ViewMate so that there wouldn't be a duplication of effort.

Joel Weiner

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