Passenger Lists, WWI, Holocaust, Medical Lists, Odessa Merchants, Russian Immigration, Vilna Voters Lists, Belarus, etc. #general

Marilyn Robinson

Hi Genners,

Here are some new additions posted to my blog at: over the last month or so:

Many Passenger Lists

Soldiers of WWI

What is a Jew? Abraham's DNA

Who Do You Think They Are??? Redux

A 'Soldier In Art': A Musical Tribute

Paris and Hava Nagila - Video

Holocaust Burials

1930 Jewish Veterinarians in the Polish Republic: Modified
1923 Jewish Veterinarians in the Polish Republic
1939 Jewish Veterinarians in the Polish Republic

1800s-1900s Gomel, Belarus: Education & Culture

1942-1943 Evacuated >from Leningrad & Buried in the Vologda Region
1897 Russian Medical List: Dentists
1834-1897 Russian Immigration Database

1859 Odessa Merchants (#1, #2, #3, #4, #5)
1895 First All Russian Census: Geller, Pivnik, Nehamkin
Levy/Levi/Levin: Original Search-Modified
Odessa: Svet Family + Isakovich, Adler, Kushnir, Leykan

1906 Vilna Province: Jews Who Were Allowed to Vote in the
Duma State Election (#1, #2)

Marilyn Robinson

Searching: UNTERBERGER (Galicia, Austria), KAPELNER (Galicia, Austria,
Tarnow), SHUTZ/SCHULTZ (Galicia, Austria, Ulanow), YUDIN (Sharkovshchina),
LURIA/LURIE (Lodz, Warsaw), REICHMAN (Warsaw, Tomaszow Mazowiecki),
TAUFIELD (anywhere)

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