When Keller is not Keller (was: Searching ROSEN from Radwanitz) #general

Moishe Miller

Dear Group,

I want to thank everyone that responded. Several experienced researchers
reminded me of two important points that I want to share:

a) The JewishGen Communities Database (available via the JewishGen
homepage) is not a complete list. If you need to find a town, click on
the "about" link on the advanced page and read the detail. Smaller places
appear only in the "JewishGen Gazetteer". That would be this link:

Using the Soundex, I still only get Czech Republic for Radwanitz.
Using the Sounds Like dropdown, I get three towns in Belarus. My
challenge now is to find which one the Rosen's came >from and to see if
I can find ROSEN records there.

b) When looking for the arrival of Sarah KELLER nee Rosen, I did not
cast a wide enough net. It is important to try alternatives when looking
for names. She arrived in July of 1912 under the name of Sore KALER (and
this time, her hometown is listed as Radowalitz - and that spelling is
not even in the Gazetteer for Belarus).

Wishing everyone a very happy Passover,

Moishe Miller

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