Re: A found manuscript: How to publish? #general

cecilia <myths@...>

Mode Alexander wrote:

400+ page typed manuscript buried in a box
full of other family "stuff". To my delight, it was written by my
grandmother, sometime before her death in 1944.
This book is very accurate historically and may be worthy of publication,
if I proceed correctly.

At this point, I need feedback >from those of you who have been successful
in publishing manuscripts written by ancestors. [...]

Can any of you point me in the right direction after this? Any and all
suggestions will be greatly appreciated.[...]
It would be wise to consider copyright - you may need permission
from someone (or more) other than yourself.
Note that copyright varies in different countries - e.g., for
unpublished material by someone that died in 1944 the situation is not
the same in the EU as in the USA.

Even if you decide there's no copyright involved, discussion with
other family members (if there are any) is a good idea.

(Btw, is the typescript sharp enough to scan and OCR? 400+ pages is a
lot to read out. I've done both OCR and voice recognition to get
digital text - even when OCR produces more errors it's overall a less
frustrating experience.)

Cecilia Nyleve

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