Border Crossing Canada to USA #general

Trudy Barch

Hi genners,

I was using Ancestry free immigration records last night. I found my great aunts
but their names were all crossed out. It is very difficult to read and not the
smaller print on top of the line. Is there someplace else where I could read it
without the line? Where I could read the smaller print above the line?
To find out what some of the symbols mean?

Thank you for any help you might be able to give me.

Their name is Greiniman. Cipke, Chaieson, Rewke, Freidta, Rivke(It is possible that
Rewki and Rivke are the same person)The ship was Megantic departing >from Liverpool
May 14, 1908 arriving in Quebec May 22, 1910. The girls were so young I can't
believe they weren't traveling with their mother.

My grandmother traveled alone a few years earlier departing Liverpool July 14, 1908
and arriving in Quebec July 24, 1908 on the S.S. Virginia. My grandmother, on the
Border Crossing, is listed as MOishe instead of MAshe Greiniman.

The family story is that the husband/father (my great grandfather) traveled to
America in 1903(?) but I could find nothing on him. I tried a few years later also.
His name was Anshel Greiniman. Abe Grayman in America. Other than this record, I
could not find how or when they traveled to Liverpool or how or when they traveled
to Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Thank you for any help and guidance.

Trudy Barch

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