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cecilia <myths@...>

David Rosen wrote:
Using Ancestry, UK Outward Passenger Lists: I looked them up on the Megantic,
sailing May 14 1910...The names are crossed out and there is a notation "Rejected"
Names crossed out means they did not sail on the ship. There is another entry for
the same family sailing on May 21 on the Dominion, arriving in Quebec.
That happened in my husband's family around the same time, give or take a year.

A 2-year-old was very flushed and had a raised temperature when they arrived at
Liverpool. The child was not allowed to sail. The husband had work to go to, so
he sailed, together with a young man that the family had been asked to take under
their wing; the mother and children sailed a fortnight later, when the child was
better. I am told that there was some sort of assistance group that helped the
mother get back to Kent, where she had family support.

Cecilia Nyleve

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