viewmate headstone translation #general

Toby Bird

Dear Genners,
I have posted a photo of my mother-in-law's mother's headstone on viewmate. She
died in 1916 and this small black and white photo has been handed down in the
family. We can decipher her name: Eidel Korn written at the top and Hinda Eidel
Korn written toward the bottom. We would like as much else translated as possible.
She died in Pabianice, Poland and I am assuming that she was buried in a (the?)
Pabianice cemetery. Does anyone know what happened to the Pabianice cemetery(ies)
during and since the war?
Thank you in advance,
Toby Marmor Frutkoff Kaplan Bird
formerly >from Boston; now >from NYC

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