Additions to IGRA's Databases #general

Garri Regev

IGRA released the first installment of information regarding the
Illegal Immigration period to Israel. The information comes >from three

Atlit Database Index - In cooperation with "Bintivey Ha'apala"
Clandestine Jewish Immigration Information and Research Center in
Memory of Admiral Mordechai (Moka) Limon we are posting a partial
index of their database. Their databases span >from the late 1930's
through a few years after the recognition of the State of Israel.

Deportation Lists 1939 - This database is composed of "duplicate"
lists found in a file of the British Police in the Israel State
Archives. It contains lists of people who were on 13 ships that were
captured in 1939. The database includes the names of 6,282.

The Illegal Immigrants 1939 -1948 - The lists come >from a variety of
places - most are Jewish Agency offices, some elsewhere. All are
currently in the Central Zionist Archives. Some lists are in English
and some lists are in Hebrew, therefore there will be two databases
depending on the language of the original documents. This will be an
ongoing project over many years, with updates of additional names to
the database.

Please understand that each document has different kinds of
information available. We are working to quickly fix a problem where
the name of the Ship is not showing on the result page.

With these additions there are now over 440,000 lines of data

Garri Regev
President, IGRA

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