SACHS/SACKS, FUTERAN, GEFFEN, MILLER & KARBUZ families in South Africa #general

Daniel Gleek

Dear Genners,

Please only reply if you specifically have these specific names on
your tree and can help.

Mr Alex SACHS/SACKS married Charlotte in Paarl, South Africa in 1920s.
They went on to have at least 2 sons, the elder called Jeffrey SACHS/SACKS.

Their wedding photo shows relatives Phillip FUTERAN and his wife Annie Jean
GEFFEN (she was >from London).

They may have had sons Gerald and Barry FUTERAN; one may have had a son

The family owned a haberdashery/textile business in Cape Town which is now a
theatre and museum.

The SACHS/SACKS and FUTERAN families also link to a MILLER family, which
settled in Paarl, South Africa, in the early 1900s. They had 3 girls and a boy.
A Jane married a MILLER (forename Lucky?) and had Leon and Hilda (1918-98).
Hilda MILLER married Joseph FAINSTEIN. Their daughter was Anse.

If Annie Jean GEFFEN and Mrs Jane MILLER were sisters then a third may have
Rochel Etel IOFE/JAFFE/YOFFE who wed Mosha-Leib KARBUZ in Kupiskis, before
going to SA.

If you have these surnames on your tree and can help, please email me.
Thank you,
Daniel GLEEK in London

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