runaway marriage 1900-1920 mid-Atlantic states #general

Natalie & Ernie Hartz

Steve Pickholtz asked where a person with NJ and PA ties might have gone to
be married 1900-1920.

In 1910, my maternal grandparents went to Providence RI to be married (civil
ceremony) because according to NY law they were too closely related to be
married in NY. Grandma always told me they were cousins, but when my uncle
started the family tree he discovered that Grandpa was her half uncle, we
think. It appears as if Grandma's mother was Grandpa's half sister. Hard to
grasp, I know.

Why Providence RI? Who knows? Maybe it was the closest and easiest state to
get to by train. I'm sure they were also married in a religious ceremony by
her father, who was licensed to perform marriages in NY (he also performed
my parent's religious ceremony), but the marriage record for my grandparents
is definitely listed in Providence.

Natalie Hartz
East Windsor, NJ

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