Viewmate: Given names on marriage certificate - Jasevy & Mary; Alkanon & Sara? #general

Michael Herzlich

I have a copy of a marriage certificate >from 1898 in NY City
for David Jablow and Fannie Epstein. I am having difficulty determining
who the parents are >from given names I am familiar with.
Particularly the father's names. The father's names have been indexed on
Ancestry as Jasevy and Alkanon. What are the possibilities others might
refer to them as. Based upon the date of the marriage and age of the
bride likely male Epstein given names I am aware of are:
Isaiah Leib (Yeshaye Leib), Bernard, Yehoshua Leib (Sam), or a
possible fourth brother I am not yet aware of. These brothers had
children >from 1859 until 1894 so the year of the marriage seems to
fit this generation.

My belief is that Jasevy is Isaiah. I suspect this because Isaiah's
wife was Mashe Lebowich. The witness, Abraham Gamrin was a son-in-law of
Isaiah. Also, the first child of Fanny and David was names Isaiah.
So how might Jasevy or some variation map to Isaiah?

For the grooms family I have not come across the name Alkanon before.
The grooms mother appears to me as Sara Levin. Am I reading the names correctly?
What are other possibilities Alkanon might be interpreted as in English?

I have uploaded viewmate 39282 with an image of the certificate.

Thank you for your assistance. You can respond to me directly
( ), to viewmate or to the list if you think the
response is of general interest.

Michael Herzlich
HERZLICH (Bilina Wielka, Sambor, Dobromil, Przemysl, New York City)
EPSTEIN, HELFAND, POLLACK (Slutsk, Minsk, Mir, New York City and Boston)

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