Transcarpathian (Hungarian) Cadastral Maps now online at Mapire! #general

Pamela Weisberger

Exciting news for Hungarian researchers!

The Budapest City Archives in cooperation with Arcanum, a Hungarian firm
specializing in digitization of maps, has scanned, stitched and geo-
referenced the cadastral map collection (1856-1890) held in the Berehove
Archives in Ukraine for the following Transcarpathian counties:

Maramaros megye
Ugocsa megye
Bereg megye
Ung megye

Among the maps now available online are Unghvar (today Uzhgorod,) Munkacs,
Eor, Ordarma, Radvanka...and many others in the surrounding areas.

These maps are free to view on the website of MAPIRE: Historical Maps of
the Hapsburg Empire: (Click on "maps" at the top
of the page to be taken to the list of all their maps. Scroll down to
view Transcarpathia.)

They also have a selection of cadastral maps for these Hungarian counties:

Csongrad megye
Gyor megye
Hajdu megye
Moson megye
Pest-Pilis-Solt-Kiskun megye
Sopron megye
Vas megye
Veszprem megye

The maps are not individually labeled, but by choosing the county you'll
see an overlay of the old maps on a current view of Google maps. Zoom in
and the maps will be easily viewable. You can also enter the current town
name in the search box to zero in on a specific place. Use the sliding
transparency bar to dissolve >from the old map to a current Google map.
Click on the "3D" icon on the right to experience the maps in relief.
(Google Earth plug in required for this feature.)

Not every Transcarpathian town is there - Csap/Chop is, sadly, missing
- but the maps that have survived are gorgeous, detailed snapshots of
life in Hungary in the mid 19th century. Look carefully and you'll view
the locations of synagogues, churches, houses and market squares. Many
of the maps have names of the landowners written on them. The
cartographic illustrations were carried out by Austro-Hungarian Empire
cartographers, and are similar to those in the collection of Gesher
Galicia's map room and if you want to view a legend which is a guide
to the maps, one is here:

Some quick links to a few selected maps are:

Unghvar (Ungvar, today Uzhgorod):



Eor & Darma (evenutally merging into Ordarma, previously Jovre)

The link to the map list (including many historical cadastral maps of
Budapest) is:

On the home page you can view three Austro-Hungarian military surveys
which are complete for the kingdom and also offer close up views as you
zoom in to all the towns in the Empire, including places in Italy,
Croatia, Austrian Netherlands and more.

Having met with the people directly involved with this ambitious project
recently at a conference in Prague, the plan is to start digitizing the
landowner records that accompany these Transcarpathian maps. Stay tuned....

Pamela Weisberger
Santa Monica, CA

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