Re: finding Ignatz Klein #general


I almost positive I have found the town/village where Ignatz KLEIN 1864-1934
(aka KLINE) was >from in Hungary. I located his application for Naturalization
to become a US citizen. He listed his town as Bakos-er Hungary. I found the
location in Borsod Abauj Zemplen Meghe/county. The location: latitude:
48.08333 N---and the Longitude is 21.25 E.

It is 108.3 miles ENE of Budapest. Also, the shape name for the Gazetteer is

On further research it appears the village name must have changed to Miskolc
(It's very confusing!) However, I want to confirm this village or area as to
where Ignatz KLEIN/KLINE was from. He changed his name >from Klein to Kline
when he came to the US in 1882.

To all Jenners---is there anyone who might know more about this town/village
and also where I might find the county/meghe records for further research?
Like so many novice genealogists I don't know where to go next. I would like
to find if there might be any KLEIN family or ancestors in this area or
thereabouts and if they survived after WWII.

Thanks so much.

Donna Kline

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