Help finding vital records for a Jewish Man from Seletin, Ukraine 1904-1971 #general

Elena Iuga <elenaiuga@...>

Dear All:

Could you please give me any information which would help me locate
the birth certificate or the "certificat de indigenat" for Max
Birkenfeld, born in or near Selyatin/Seletin, in the Austro-Hungarian
Empire. He obtained his certificat de indigenat in Radauti, Romania,
in 1922, after the part of Bukovina where he was born became part of
Romania in 1918. Max's mother's name was Sara Leah Birkenfeld, and
her family in Seletin was rich and in the wood-cutting business. They
built the Seletin synagogue in 1907. Max's father's name was Rachmill
Pfefferkorn, and he died when Max was 1. Rachmill descended >from a
line of Talmudic teachers, who belonged to the Hassidic sect. Max
with his mother and siblings immigrated to the United States in
September 1922, to joint Max's stepfather Nathan Wagner in New York.
Max later lived in Pennsylania, where he died in 1971. We are trying
to get his vital records proving Romanian citizenship so that his
grandchildren can obtain the Romanian citizenship through him. Any
help, suggestion, idea, memory would be greatly appreciated! Thank you,
Elena Iuga

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