Seeking KONIGSBERG from Tarnogrod to Danzig, Holland, Palestine #general

Logan J. Kleinwaks

I am posting this message on behalf of Rosalie Glicklich Baker of
Roslyn, New York. Please send any personal responses to me, and I
will forward them to Rosalie.

Rosalie is seeking information about her uncle Mates KONIGSBERG's
whereabouts >from 1939, when he is thought to have been in Holland. He
might have emigrated to Palestine. She would also like to learn about
any family members. She says:

"Mates KONIGSBERG was born about 1902 in Tarnogrod, Poland, the
youngest of four children. Moishele KENIGSBERG, the oldest, moved to
Israel. My mother, Feige Malke KENIGSBERG GLICKLICH, came to America
in 1920. The fourth sibling, Henne Rifke KENIGSBERG LERMAN, was
murdered by the Nazis.

Mates KONIGSBERG moved to Danzig, probably in the 1920s, was still
there in the early 30s. My mother saw him in Berlin in 1933 on her
way to America. I assume he tried to get to Holland in 1939 and was
arrested by the Dutch Police. I have a photocopy with his name and
birth place >from the Dutch Police List.

The International Tracing Service has no record of him. I also
checked with Yad Vashem and the USHMM. That led to the Dutch Police
List. Now I've hit a blank wall.

I'd appreciate any information about Mates KONIGSBERG and family.
What was his wife's name? Did he have any children? Did anyone in
his family survive?"

Rosalie has posted three photos of this family on ViewMate and hopes
someone recognizes them:

The photos include Mates, his wife (name unknown), his cousin Boruch
TRUK, and sons (names unknown) of his cousin Pinchas.

Thank you.

Logan Kleinwaks
near Washington, D.C.

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