Newark, NJ Death Record from 1950's #general

Moishe Miller

Dear Group,

I am trying to locate the death record and tombstone of Zlate ROSEN of
Radwanitz & Siemiatycze, Belarus and after the 1920's, of the the Bronx.
The 1930 Bronx census shows her immigration as 1926 and her name as
Lottie, with her children Henry and Edith. I have not found her arrival
manifest. Her husband was Abraham Isaac ROZIN and he passed away in
Belarus (lived c1858 - c1910). After her children married and she was
older, sometime in the late 1930's, she moved in with her daughter Edith
Panken, in Newark, NJ. Later in life Zlate lost her sight. We know she
passed away about 1950 at around the age of 90 and her yahrtzeit is Elul

Are there any online resources or indexes that might have her date of
passing and the cemetery location of her final resting place?

Moishe Miller
Brooklyn, NY

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