Need translation of 3 German birth records #general


Dear Genners

I've posted three births records in German for which I need a
translation in English, or better in French...

There are on ViewMate at the following address :

I would be very grateful for any help in translating them.

It's not necessary to do it word-for-word translations but I would like
to know what happened to Siegfried and his two daughters after
Kristallnacht in November 1938 to Vienna.

Ialready knowabout parents and grandparents, including maiden names
ofeach mother.

Concerningbirth of Sofie, I would appreciate full translation because
there was two cousin named "Elsa Rektor", born the same year (father's
of each one were brothers)

Thank you very much for any assistance.

Please respond privately or via the form provided in the ViewMate

Elisabeth Stamminger-Sonnenfeld
from France
Researching descendants of :
REKTOR/STEINER living in Bridgeport in 1926
WEISS living in Bridgeport in 1918 and probably Philadelphia in 1938
SONNENFELD (Sonnenfield ?) living in Nashville in 1938
SONNENFELD J. living NY in 1938

All parents came >from Vienna (Austria), except WEISS (Weisz) came >from

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