Interruption of mail to Russia 100 years ago? #general

David Goldman

Hello, Jewishgenners. One of the letters I have in Russian is a 4-page
handwritten letter sent by my great-grandparents dated Nov. 20, 1918 to her
parents in the Odessa area. I simply assume that the letter was mailed and
eventually got returned back to her in Alberta, Canada (and she held on to
it for the rest of her life). In the letter my great-grandmother says that
they tried to send a telegram, but telegrams were not being accepted to be
sent to "Russia." I also assume they would not have written the letter had
they known mail was not being sent on to Odessa. Does anyone know whether
mail was perhaps intermittently interrupted on its way there? The armistice
was on November 11, 1918 and she wrote just a week and a half later!

David Goldman

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