Need identification of a WW2 Selective Service System Local Board Office #general

jeremy frankel

Dear Genners,

I am in possession of a photograph possibly taken in 1942 showing the
exterior of an Selective Service System draft registration office,
which I believe could be in St. Louis.

This view shows a window with the words " Selective Service, Local
Board - No.9" There are four people (staff?), three women and one
man, sitting on a brick wall under the window. Behind their heads is
a four figure number, perhaps the actual SSS office number? Alas all
one can make out are three of the four digits: 8 ? 2 6.

I have tried looking online but it appears that no-one has been keen
enough to make a hobby of compiling a list them all.

And before anyone asks I did try searching on Ancestry and within
just the U.S., World War II Draft Registration Cards, 1942 database,
but alas Ancestry was up to its usual algorithm problems. Every
person who was listed as resident in St. Louis (the only restriction)
was, when the card was reviewed actually living somewhere else (ie:
Chicago, Brooklyn, etc).

Hence I wonder if anyone can help me?

Jeremy G Frankel
ex-London, England
now Folsom, CA

Searching for:
FRANKEL: Plock, Poland; London, England
GOLDRATH/GOLD: Praszka, Poland; London, England
KOENIGSBERG: Vilkaviskis, Lithuania; London, England; NY, USA
LEVY (later LEADER): Kalisz, Poland; London, England
Pinkus, Poland; London, England
PRINCZ/PRINCE: Krakow, Poland; London, England; NY, USA

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