Is GOLDBERG just too common to be able to research and prove family? #general


Hoping for encouragement, but maybe I'm just wasting my time and effort?

I believe both of my Paternal Grandparents' families were named GOLDBERG.
They came to the US as Orthodox Jews, via Philadelphia, to Racine and then
Milwaukee, Wisconsin. (I have all US census records)

His name is Rubin (Reuven) GOLDBERG (1881-1931), and hers is Anna (Chane)
GOLDBERG (1883-1977). Her birth year has varied by up to 5 years,
1879-1883. These names are as common as John and Mary Smith. Their 7 children, (6
born in US), I know well, but not their own siblings if any, to help
identify families.

I have their Arrival and Naturalization records. If accurate, the cities
they came from, circa 1903-1906, were Kolki and Gorodok, now located in the
area called Wolyn or Volyn/Volin, in the County of Lutsk (Luck) in Ukraine.
His grave marker says Reuven is the "son of Mr Simcha". Simcha is very
common as a first name and nickname. On Anna's ship manifest, under nearest
relative back home, she lists her father-in-law's name as Ichiku or Tchiku
GOLDBERG of Kolky. (Unsure of 1st letter)

I've looked into some Ellis Island records and done Ancestry and other
searches to see if Simcha may also have come to the US, but do not think so. A
family story says her parents were Morris and Annie Muriel GOLDBERG.
Morris and Annie - are these the 2nd most common couple's names possible?

Am I just kidding myself that I will ever be able to prove the family in
Ukraine and find their actual history there? It is unknown how many other
family members existed or may have traveled with them to London and then to
the US, but it's my understanding that during the period after they left
Russia, the area was temporarily part of Poland, and that most Jews >from their
towns fled or were killed in pogroms or later during the Nazi invasion.

After 40+ years of looking, should I just give up and work on all our
other family lines, or is there any hope to identify the right Anna & Rubin,
Annie & Morris, and Simcha/Ichiku & ?? GOLDBERG families?

Carolyn (GOLDBERG / BERG) Rutherford
Batavia, Ohio, formerly of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

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