1910 census help #general

M. Ronn

Hello JewishGeners,

Perhaps someone out there can help me. A relative's 1912
Brooklyn marriage license states that the officiating rabbi
was "Z. Grossman" of "130 Suffolk St., NY." The groom later
write that his mother's "Uncle Zisha" officiated at his
wedding. Presumably Z. Grossman is Zisha Grossman.

Nonetheless, I found no one by that name in the 1910 census
or in city directories. In looking at New York city
directories, I see a Max Grossman, eggs 130 Suffolk, h 132
Suffolk, listed only during the years 1910-1912. Perhaps
Max was a son of Zisha? But I can't seem to find Max on the
1910 census. Any ideas? Please respond privately.

Thank you,

Michoel Ronn
New York

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