Heim, Name Changes #austria-czech

peter bakos <pgbakos@...>


As far as I know, at least in Hungary where Sopron is located, names
remained as they were unless officially changed. One of the tools used by
the Fascists were the registers because all of the name changes were
recorded there. After 1895 when civil registration began, conversions were
recorded as well, so if you were Jewish and they were trying to find you,
well, it was easy.

Perhaps a name such as GROSS becomes GROSZ in Hungarian, (though I have seen
many WEISS as opposed to WEISZ) but there are no letters in HEIM that would
need changing to make it sound the same in Hungarian.

There is a commercial website which has a database of Hungarian name
changes, included in their collection of databases. You may wish to contact
me off list and I will provide you the contact.

Peter Bakos

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