Four-line translation request - Hebrew #general

mike yesnes

Person's name was Elias EISENBERG, by 1857 in Russia/Poland.
Arrived in port of New York in July of 1886. Lived and died
in Mpls. [Presumably Minneapolis, MN - MODERATOR] Was a tailor.

I have sentences in hebrew >from a headstone that I would like
some english translation. I will give each hebrew letter for
each word.

First line on headstone >from right to left:

aleph,yud,shin{man/husband?},next word starts with gimel,bet,bet,dalet.
Next is resh,next is aleph,lamed,yud{hebrew name for Elias/Elijah/Eli?},
next word is tzade,bet,yud.

Second line:

bet,resh{son of},next word shin,mem,vav,aleph,lamed,next zayin,

Third line:

aleph,yud,yud,vav,ayin,gimel,bet,ayin,resh,gimel. Next gimel,
bet,samech,resh{died}, samech,zayin{67 yrs.old?}

Bottom line:

shin,betsamech{January/Shevrat}, next tav,resh,pay,dalet
684 + 1240 = 1924

Hebrew lettering next meaning "May his soul be bound up the
bond of external life"

Would appreciate your assistance. Thank you.

Mike Yesnes

MODERATOR: Much easier for everyone involved (and more reliable)
would be the posting of a photograph of the text in question on
ViewMate ( ) which is
specifically designed for just this sort of task.

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