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Emily Garber

Mary-Jane Roth <greenst@...> wrote:

The Hamburg departure records show Moses BOGATIN age 33 >from Lida
(Belarus?) with his three male children, Meier (9), Schmuel (7), and Hilel (4)
departing Hamburg on Dec 22, 1891 aboard the German Empire bound for
Hartlepool, UK. Their final destination is listed as New York via Liverpool.

On January 9, 1892 a family arrived in NYC aboard the Adriatic from
Liverpool. They were Moses BEGATIN (33) with his three children, Meier
(male age 9), Schume(d?) (Female age 7) and Hild (Female age 4). They
are listed as being Swedes >from G Burg (probably Gothenburg?).
Has anyone else seen such a distinct change between departure and arrival
records? Any other thoughts as to how I might find them if these are not the
same family? Moses' oldest sons in the US were Myer, Samuel, and Harry.
There are two additional sources of manifests for travel via UK ports
(available via Ancestry and Find My Past) that one should check for
comparison purposes. On Ancestry they are called "UK, Outward Passenger Lists,
1890-1960" and "UK, Incoming Passenger Lists, 1878-1960." Within the first
database, I located the same family leaving Liverpool on the S.S. Adriatic -
clearly Moses, Meier, Schmuel and Hilel.

One should also compare the passengers surrounding the family on the lists.
In this case, the family listed after your target family is the same on both
the Hamburg and NY manifests.

It is clear when one looks at the NY manifest and the Hamburg one that the
children's names were Meier, Schmuel and Hilel. The indexer of the NY manifest
did not transcribe the names correctly.

The Swedish designation is transcribed correctly, but is likely an error
introduced in the UK when the manifest was prepared.

As for their "sex change," yes, I have seen mistakes like these made when
manifests were prepared.

Emily Garber
Phoenix, AZ

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