Holocaust Database: Reichsvereinigung #general


During the Hitler regime Jews resident in Germany, regardless of nationality,
were required to register in an organization, Reichsvereinigung der Juden,
which was supervised by the Gestapo. I am gradually putting together a
database of the cards listing all registrants. So far I have entered 5,000
family names beginning with the letters A, B and L.

Arrangements are underway to include these names in a major website but, for
now, I would be happy to send the databases to anyone who wishes to post them
on their own websites.

For persons who find names of particular interest, I would be prepared to
send copies of individual cards, but please be merciful in making such requests.

To supplement the information already on the cards, e.g. address, family
members, deaths, emigration, deportation, I have utilized other sources of
information to provide a more complete picture of the fate of each individual.

For those of you not interested in German Jews (how is that possible?) I would
note that many "German" Jews were born elsewhere. A few examples are Paris,
Kiew, Reval, Cairo and, last but not least, New York City.

I hope to complete this project in the next decade or two.

Peter Lande
Washington, D.C.

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